Paintball Urban Style

For those of you who don’t know, Warren is part of a Scenario Paintball team called Dead By Dawn. It is a group of guys that goes up and down the east coast to play in weekend paintball games. These games have a theme or story, hence the “scenario”.

Warren recently traveled to Florida to attend a game at Fort Blanding, a National Guard Base. Cynthia, who also loves to play paintball, was unable to attend due to work. Fort Blanding has a training facility which is a small city or a MOUT (Military Operations Urban Terrain) Facility. They open the base once or twice a year to paintballers so we can get out of the woods and fight house to house. It really is a royal blast, shooting down at someone from a four story building.

Dead By Dawn also unveiled thier new toy, a paintball tank. Yes, these scenario game have tanks that people can shoot paintballs out of or they shoot nerf rocket cannons. You know the little nerf footballs that have the tails on them. These air cannons can chuck a nerfie 200 yards or more. You can only stop the tank if you hit it with one of these nerfs frired from a cannon (either one from a tank or hand-held ones), and yes there were a lot of hand-held LAWs (light anti-tank weapon) aound on the enemy side.

We were even lucky enough to hook up with a reporter from “Wired” magazine and he spent the entire weekend with us, so stay tuned for an article about this game and hopefully with Dead By Dawn featured. It will be our first mainstream magazine article (we have worked with lots of paintball magazines in the past).

It was a blast and Warren had a great time with the team over the weekend, and got to spend some time with his Mother down at Vero Beach.

Check out the small gallery of the pictures Warren took, or go to our team gallery for lots of pictures and even videos.


That’s Warren right in the middle…

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