Memorial Weekend for Pop

Well we finished off the Texas phase of the trip with the official memorial events for my father with his side of the family.

We started things off with an informal dinner at my cousin Ronald’s restaurant Saturday afternoon. Really a small intimate gathering of the Chinese side of the family, only between 30 and 40 people. You really can’t call it a Chinese-family reunion until the number tops 300-400 people.

The main event was Sunday brunch at my cousin Freda’s Steak and Seafood restaurant. We had a small service where Cynthia read a poem written by my niece, my nephew read a poem written by my father, my Mom and two brother’s said a few words and we all reminisced to a slide-show Allan put together. Basically a happy gathering to celebrate my fathers life, renew family ties, and to have a little closure. We all then ajorned to cousin Tina’s home for some real Texas BBQ, relaxed in the hot tub & pool, played tennis, billards and just enjoyed everyone’s company for our final day in the US.

We added some pictures to the Texas Gallery from the weekend if anyone is interested in seeing the family. For those of you who complained about not seeing Cynthia’s new hair color, we put a couple in the gallery for you.

Ok, for the recent news, We made it to Monterrey,Mexico in record time and are ready to begin our Mexican adventure. We are doing great and are very excited. The hostel even has free wireless so we will be connected. We plan on staying here for 4 or 5 days to see everything the area has to offer, but that will be another post towards the end of the week!!!

Good bye USA!!! Heading South of the border.. Stay Tuned

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