Mexico Information

Mexico Travel Route Spring 2007 (6 Weeks)

1) Austin,Texas (via Laredo) Monterrey
2) Monterrey – Zacetecas
3) Zacetaces to San Miguel de Allende
4) San Miguel De Allende to Mexico City
5) Mexico City to Morelia
6) Morelia to Puerto Vallerta
7) Puerto Vallarta to Mazatlan
8 ) Mazatlan to Los Mochis
9) Los Mochis to Creel (Copper Canyon)
10) Creel to Chihuahua
11) Chihuahua to Ciudad Juarez / El Paso
12) El Paso to Home

Mexico Information

We almost exclusively took the Mexican Bus system. The buses there are much nicer than American Buses such as Greyhound. It is the primary transportation for the middle class traveling around Mexico. We generally took the Primera Class or first class buses which had reclining seats, A/C(bring a sweater), TV and decent toilet facilities. Some even had men’s and womens toilets. The cost was very reasonable and we spent about $5 for every hour of travel.

The bus stations tend to be very clean(usually pay toilets, so if your cheap, hold it until you get on the bus) and there are many bus companies to choose from in the station. We never made advance reservations, just walked up to the counter and had no problems (just beware of holiday traffic). One piece of advice to limit waiting around the station is to write down departure times as soon as you reach you destination, so that when you are ready to leave you have a good idea of the bus schedule.

Keep in mind that we are budget travelers and are not addicted to the luxury of swanky hotels. That said, we also value our privacy so we never stayed in a hostel bunk room, but we did stay in hostel private rooms. Keep in mind that we always had a private room, but not at the Hilton. Generally we looked for places that had internet and that we found in our favorite guidebook, Lonely Planet Shoestring guides. Generally the costs for lodging fell between $20-$30 per night.



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